SoH. featured in House & Garden

We have recently been featured in House & Garden and named as an estate agency who is revolutionising the housing market.

Read an extract from the piece below and follow the link here to see the full article.

How boutique estate agents have revolutionised the housing market

Design-savvy estate agencies are becoming respected brands in their own right, with the outstanding homes, rave testimonials and thousands of Instagram followers to prove it.

Then there’s the worry that a typical high street estate agent won’t do justice to a really special property, or truly understand your requirements as a buyer. Are they motivated solely by a hefty commission? Will they know those bookshelves are by Vitsoe when someone asks about them? Or that a sherbet yellow bath by The Water Monopoly is an asset and not a dodgy 1960s remnant?

The business of selling houses was well overdue a refurbishment of its own (and still is) but the rise of the ‘boutique’ estate agent demonstrates that there’s another way of doing things. Their employees aren’t likely to mumble in fear of judgement when asked what they do for a living. In fact, they probably declare it proudly in their Instagram bio. Even ten years ago, it would have been difficult to imagine an estate agent becoming so desirable and respected that a mere association with their name becomes a badge of honour.

Selling houses will always be an estate agent’s bread and butter, but the good ones have evolved to be far more multifaceted. It’s less about the hard sell and more about the overall experience. It’s progress, that’s for sure.

In the age of the multi-hyphenate; estate agents have proven that they too can do it all. Besides offering homes for sale, they publish superb editorial features, produce magazine-worthy photography, offer home staging services and create social-first content that reaches more prospective – and relevant – clients than any advert in the paper could. Best of all; their experienced staff are passionate and deeply knowledgeable about design and architecture, often coming from creative backgrounds themselves. They won’t falter when discussing the merits of a Mansard roof or a Plain English kitchen and they certainly won’t speak to you as if they’re reading from a pre-rehearsed script.

People browse the websites and Instagram feeds of these specialist estate agents as if they were the Sunday supplements; scrolling casually to gawp at house porn or gather inspiration for their next kitchen reno. Subscribers open their newsletters because the content will be worth reading and a home listed with them is the ultimate gold seal of approval for both buyer and seller.

If you’re making plans to move, keep reading for some of our favourite agencies who just get it. They make an art form of selling houses.

Founded by Stuart Aikman and Mathew Walters, Story of Home is a relatively new estate agency selling beautiful homes across London. The pair places emphasis on client experience and strong communication. The agency provides a white glove service throughout the buying and selling process and Stuart and Mathew make themselves always-available on the phone and face-to-face. They also offer honest advice from a team who are skilled and experienced in complex negotiations.

How boutique estate agents have revolutionised the housing market

The London market is crowded, so to ensure their properties stand out, the small business recognises the power of storytelling through strong imagery and engaging marketing. Stuart and Mathew bring each home to life by working with photographers who specialise in interiors and design. Through well-targeted marketing, Story of Home say they “only ever bring serious buyers through the door”.

If you are thinking about moving, we would be delighted to hear from you on 0207 867 3999 or