SoH. Guide to Preparing Your Home for a Photo Shoot

Whether you want to show off your new interior design or are looking to sell, how you set your home up will be a big factor in the success of the photo shoot.

Naturally, a good photographer will assist you with the staging of your home. However, it is still a good idea to be prepared and below are some helpful tips for preparing your home for a professional photo shoot.


Think back to when you found yourself most relaxed in your home. More often than not, it would be with minimal artificial lighting, with the interior highlighted by the sun through the windows. You should want your photos to create a similar feeling. Therefore, it is very important to book the photo shoot at a time of day when there is good natural light filling your home.


Your home should be tidy and well kept, however, if it looks completely void of the personality, decor, and other fun details that make your home unique, the photos will not do it justice.

People tend to overdo the cleaning process and strip their home of all the characteristics that make it seem liveable. Coffee table books in the living room and fresh fruit in the kitchen can help potential buyers envisage themselves living in your home. Also, crisp fresh bedding and plumped up pillows really bring a bedroom to life.

“Look for lines in your home that can serve as a makeshift frame. For example, walls, door frames, archways, and windows work well for this purpose.”


We have all heard the saying, ‘’kerb appeal’’. Well, it definitely counts in your external photographs too.

We recommend finishing any exterior odd jobs that you may have been putting off. Anything from touching up paint on windows, soffits, or doors, to cutting grass and trimming a hedge.

If you have hanging baskets or plant pots, now is a good time to tend to them. Fresh hanging baskets can be very eye-catching, however, sitting empty or left over from last year, they can make the home look sad and unloved. Finally, if you have a driveway, we recommend removing vehicles and hiding the wheelie bins.


Another great detail to add to your home for a photo shoot is house plants, flowers, and other greenery. A house plant, or a simple bouquet of flowers in a vase can improve the look of a room, especially if you want to bring some colour to an empty room.


Look for lines in your home that can serve as a makeshift frame. For example, walls, door frames, archways, and windows work well for this purpose. Sometimes it takes a keen eye to notice these natural frames, but if you can find them and point them out to your photographer, it will make your photos look clean and crisp.


At Story of Home, we work with only the very best photographers specialising in interiors and design. Our professional photographers will work with you to get your home ready for the market. We produce high-quality, stylish imagery that truly reflects what makes your home unique. Having a selection of photos that really stand out will help propel your home to the top of buyers lists.

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