After initially struggling to sell our home with one of the leading high street property agents, we were curious when a personal letter taking interest in selling our house from Story of Home arrived in our letterbox. Immediately after seeing Story of Home’s selection of carefully curated, design-led homes on their website, we hoped our own uniquely designed property might be a good fit.

During the valuation, Stuart and Mathew celebrated our bold colour scheme, and didn’t make any suggestions for us to white wash or “tone down” our interior style prior to sale. In fact they both assured us that there would be the perfect buyer out there who would love our home as it was, bright pink kitchen and all!

When it came to having our home photographed, the beautiful images really exceeded our expectations. The images were polished and a wonderful reflection of our home which we believed really helped it to stand out online.

The photographs were so great that our home was even featured in the Evening Standard as a hot property to watch in the area! We also really enjoyed the interview process, asking us to reflect on why we loved our home was a lovely personal touch.


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