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  • 60 Second Interview with the Co-Founders

    60 Second Interview with the Co-Founders

    Check out the 60-second interview from Property Investor Today with Story of Home co-founders Mathew Walters & Stuart Aikman. Covering topics including the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact of lockdown on the London property Market. The future of High Street estate agency, the biggest challenge facing estate and letting agents today and SoH property predictions […]

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  • SoH. Islington Area Guide
    Area Guide

    SoH. Islington Area Guide

    On the fringe of central London is the urban suburb of Islington. The area acts as a kind of gateway to the north of London and has a reputation as a sophisticated food destination due to the number of eateries on Upper Street and the surrounding side streets. If you delve a little deeper, Islington […]

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  • SoH. Guide To Preparing Your Home For A Photo Shoot
    Industry Insight

    SoH. Guide To Preparing Your Home For A Photo Shoot

    Whether you want to show off your new interior design or are looking to sell, how you set your home up will be a big factor in the success of the photo shoot. Naturally, a good photographer will assist you with the staging of your home. However, it is still a good idea to be […]

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  • SoH. Highbury Area Guide
    Area Guide

    SoH. Highbury Area Guide

    Highbury is a leafy suburb in North London with rows upon rows of pretty terrace houses, tree lined streets, and green open spaces. Highbury shouldn’t be overlooked as it is quieter than Angel or Islington, and has a charm of its own with a more residential laidback feel. Along with some independent shopping and delightful […]

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  • SoH. Soho Area Guide
    Area Guide

    SoH. Soho Area Guide

    Few destinations in London, or elsewhere for that matter, roll off the tongue quite like Soho. It’s a salaciously whisper of a word. There is another Soho of course in New York, named because of its location in Manhattan, south of Houston Street. The origins of the original and Soho are not entirely clear. A […]

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  • SoH. Marylebone Area Guide
    Area Guide

    SoH. Marylebone Area Guide

    From humble beginnings, Marylebone has become one of London’s most popular and fashionable districts. The Domesday book of 1068 recorded Marylebone as a collection of muddy fields with less than 50 residents and a value of just 52 shillings. How things have changed! Marylebone as we know it today began to come together 1750s when […]

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  • SoH. Fitzrovia Area Guide
    Area Guide

    SoH. Fitzrovia Area Guide

    Once considered a bit of a no-man’s land between Marylebone and Bloomsbury, this trendy district of London’s West End has certainly blown up in popularity over the last 10 years. The area has a rich bohemian history with writers Virginia Woolf, George Bernard Shaw and Arthur Rimbaud once calling these streets home. Today it is […]

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